What is the Anna Triant School of Couture?

  • ATC School of Couture

    Sew along side the CEO & Owner of Anna Triant Couture as she teaches you how to sew your very own couture tutu dress.

  • How long does it take?

    We have had some users finish this masterclass and their dress in as little as 1 day! Some students have taken up to 2 weeks. It is all on your own pace and schedule and there is no rush!

  • What if I need help?

    We have an entire community, including Anna herself, waiting to help out and encourage you along the way! You can join our ATC School of Couture Facebook group and get instant help from our members!

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Introduction to ATC School of Couture

Our users <3 Anna Triant School of Couture!

Tricia B.

I love this course!! My daughter wanted a long “snow ballerina” dress for her birthday dress this year. I followed the course, but lengthened the skirt and did 3 layers of tulle with no circles.

Anne A.

I finished my first one and it was so much fun! The explanations really made it so much easier than I'd feared. I went with these colors since I already had pink tulle and horsehair at home, but am looking forward to doing some that are more muted. My little one screamed and said "for me?!!!" as soon as she saw it and she loved it!

Liliana G

Hi Anna Triant, I wanted to said Thanks, I love the class😍.

Petra C.

from our Masterclass Group

Hi Ladies I love to see your dresses, each of them is so unique! Also finally I finished my two dresses I started together from the same rainbowish fabric. Thank you Anna Triant to make this masterclass. Now I hope for the one with a long gown!!

Leanne S

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge Anna Triant. I have had so much fun with this. I think I obsessed now.

How Does it Work?

Once you purchase the Anna Triant Couture masterclass, you will learn how to create your very own couture tutu dress by following in-depth step-by-step instructions provided by Anna. You can watch the course on your phone, tablet, computer, or TV!

  • Even beginning sewers can master this class with Anna leading the way

  • Want to sell the dresses you make from this class? Sign up for our Commercial License Courses..

  • The most important tool you will need to complete this class is your creativity!

Our School of Couture Instructor

This is Anna like you've never experienced before.

Owner & CEO

Anna Triant

Since 2010, self-taught fashion designer Anna Triantafellou has been creating lavish couture gowns for little girls. A Russian immigrant, Anna came to America in 2008 to find herself, and her creative freedom. She quickly discovered designing custom couture gowns for little girls was her calling, and in 2010 she launched her first couture brand, FabTutus, and in 2015, the world welcomed Anna Triant Couture. Every Anna Triant Couture gown is scrupulously hand-sewn and embellished with exquisite detail that sets apart the “Anna gown” from others. Known for her integrity both professionally and personally, when Anna is not creating masterpieces for little girls, she’s painting, exploring digital sketching or running impossible distances.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Anna Triant School of Couture?

    Our School of Couture is a masterclass streaming platform that allows you our student learn how to sew!

  • Where can I watch the instructional videos?

    Anywhere you have an internet connection and feel inspired! Our videos are available on mobile, tablet, and computer. You also have the ability to stream it to your Smart TV.

  • How much does Anna Triant School of Couture cost?

    It costs $399 to access our standard licensing courses or $749 if you plan to sell the dresses you produce.

  • Does the School of Couture explain where I can get my supplies?

    Yes it does! Anna gives a very detailed course on how to shop for the perfect supplies for the perfect dress.

  • What sizes of dresses will I learn to create?

    The pattern included in the School of Couture is designed to cover sizes 2T through 12 in Girls.

  • Can I source my supplies at a local craft store?

    You will be able to purchase everything but the horsehair braid at a local craft store. We do provide instructions on where to find and order horsehair braid though!

  • Can I sell dresses that I make using the School of Couture?

    You can sell your dresses only if you purchase the Commercial License courses.

  • Which license should I purchase if I intend to make dresses for my photography business?

    If you are only using the dresses for photo shoots/photography and not selling the dresses, you purchase the Standard Licensing Courses.

  • Will there be more School of Couture courses for long dresses?

    Yes we intend to create more courses for our students! Anna is extremely busy running her retail and rental businesses, but when she gets more time she fully intends to make more courses!

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