Sample style explained in the masterclass

This snapshot was taken midway before finishing the gown, so this isn't quite the final product just yet, but it's a variation of what can be done. Take a look and see if that's something you'd like to learn how to make.

The pattern included in the masterclass is suitable not only for maternity sizes and styles, but regular adult/teen sizes as well. 

Learn couture sewing from the comfort of your own home

By purchasing this pre-sale masterclass you receive: - Lifetime access to video lessons, patterns and guidelines available upon the official release of the masterclass; - Standard license, with an option to upgrade to Commercial License later on; - Printable PDF pattern with in-depth step-by-step video tutorials on every step of construction process, from cutting and altering patterns to larger sizes, to sewing and embellishing; - Information on sourcing your supplies; - Anna's help and expertise throughout every step.

Course curriculum

(This section will be constantly updating as we add more chapters and lessons to the course before its official release)

  • 2

    Chapter 1.1. List of Supplies

    • List of suitable fabrics for the robe body and ruffles. Ruffle trims.

    • Notions you will need

  • 3

    Chapter 1.2: PDF Bodice & Sleeve Pattern Downloads

    • Robe Bodice - Size XS

    • Robe Bodice - Size S

    • Robe Bodice - Size M

    • Robe Bodice - Size L

    • Robe Bodice - Size XL

    • Schematic overview of how to tape the pattern

  • 4

    Chapter 1.3. Size Chart

    • Size Chart - sizes XS to XL

  • 5

    Chapter 2.1: Ruffles. Learning About 6 Main Types of Ruffles.

    • Overview of 6 different types of ruffles

  • 6

    Chapter 2.2: Ruffles. Cutting Guides.

    • Cutting single and double edge ruffles

    • Cutting circular/cascading and spiral ruffle

    • Cutting cascading and pleated ruffles. Making knife pleats and box pleats.

    • An easy way to make knife pleats with the help of various size forks

    • A bonus lesson - one more way of cutting circular ruffles

    • Full scale example of fabric layout for straight-cut ruffles

  • 7

    Chapter 2.4: Ruffles. Adding Trims to Ruffles.

    • Lesson 1 - Adding Wired Rolled Hem (Optional); rolled hem serger is needed for this lesson.

    • Lesson 2 - Trimming Ruffles With Horsehair Braid

    • Lesson 3 - Adding Lace Trims to Ruffles

  • 8

    Chapter 3.1: Robe Bodice. Step 1 - Cutting.

    • Taping pattern pieces; making alterations to bodice length

    • Establishing grain. Three types of fabric grain.

    • Cutting out bodice pieces and sleeves

  • 9

    Chapter 3.2. Robe Bodice. Step 2 - Sewing.

    • Adding bodice shoulder seams

    • Selecting ruffles for the sleeve and making guideline markings

    • Using basting stitch as a guideline for ruffle placement

    • First row of sleeve ruffles. Gathering ruffles "Anna's way".

    • "Stacking" rows of ruffle on to the cuff of the sleeve. Part 1.

    • "Stacking" rows of ruffle on to the cuff of the sleeve. Part 2.

    • Schematic view of ruffle placement on the sleeve - WATCH PRIOR TO SEWING YOUR RUFFLES TO SLEEVES

    • Adding sleeves to bodice. Step 1 - layout.

    • Adding sleeves to bodice. Step 2 - sewing.

    • Adding side seams to bodice and sleeve. Part 1 -method 1

    • Adding side seams to bodice and sleeve. Part 2 - method 2.

  • 10

    Chapter 4.1: Robe Skirt. Step 1 - Cutting.

    • Why we do not provide strictly-set skirt measurements

    • Skirt Cutting Layout

    • Skirt Cutting Guide

    • Skirt Waist Radius Chart

    • How to Use the Radius Chart For Various Types Of Circle Skirts

    • Calculating the Skirt Waist Radius

    • Measuring length of skirt (only applicable if you are making the robe for a specific client who you can measure)

    • Cutting your single or double circle skirt

  • 11

    Chapter 4.2: Robe Skirt. Step 2 - Sewing.

    • Connecting all circle skirts into one

    • Gathering skirt waist (when needed)

    • Connecting bodice and skirt

    • Neckline finishes; planning out neckline and robe skirt ruffles

    • Stacking ruffles on neckline and skirt.

    • Planning out ruffle trims

    • Adding horsehair braid to ruffle that doesn't connect with a seam

  • 12

    Chapter 5. Finishing touches.

    • Robe frontal closure. Part 1 - making ties.

    • Robe frontal closure. Part 2 - sewing the ties on

    • A bit about styling and more

Couture maternity robe - midway in the process of construction

Learn to design and sew your own gorgeous creations!

A video masterclass is an entirely different experience from just a pdf sewing tutorial or a store-bought pattern. For each and every step of the process there is a video demonstrating everything you need to know in every possible detail. Video courses are ideal for visual learners, it is very much like having your own personal sewing teacher who gently guides you through all the steps of the construction process. This is an investment well-spent because you are guaranteed to achieve a result in the end.

Below is a quick example of what a video lesson looks like (you will be watching it in a larger scale of course!).