Masterclass Highlights

  • Expert guidance from Anna Triant
  • Kid-friendly, easy-to-follow, step-by-step video instructions
  • List of materials is provided, all supplies can be sourced at a local craft store, Amazon or online fabric stores based in the US
  • Your child will learn how to make three different styles of tutus, two of which can be made without the use of a sewing machine 
  • The class covers the topic of making an optional slip (sewing machine would be needed) 
  • All students will receive a printable certificate of completion upon successfully graduating from the class
  • If your fashionista is up for modeling her own creation, we will be collecting students' images wearing their tutus and later on will present a delightful showcase on social media to flaunt their budding design and sewing skills

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Chapter 1 - Design Process

    • Sketching your design ideas

    • Creating a fashion sketch with markers. Part 1.

    • Creating a fashion sketch with markers. Part 2.

    • Creating a fashion sketch with markers. Part 3.

    • Color selection. Learning the basics of color theory

    • Shopping for supplies

    • How to take measurements for a tutu

    • Fashion sketching templates

  • 3

    Chapter 2 - The Simplest, "Tied" / "No-Sew" Tutu. Beginner Level.

    • Brief Overview of Style 1 ~ "Tied / No-Sew" Tutu

    • "Tied/No-Sew" Tutu ~ Supplies

    • "Tied/No-Sew" Tutu ~ Making Elastic Waistband

    • "Tied/No-Sew" Tutu - Cutting Strips of Tulle

    • "Tied / No-Sew" Tutu - Adding tulle strips to elastic band

    • "Tied / No-Sew" Tutu - Wrapping ribbon around waistband

    • "Tied / No-Sew" Tutu ~ Decorating with bows

    • A truly no-sew tutu with ribbon waist. Baby doll tutu

  • 4

    Chapter 3 - "Handkerchief" Style Tutu. Intermediate Level.

    • Coming soon!

  • 5

    Chapter 4 - Floor Long Tutu or Tutu Dress. Intermediate Level.

    • Brief Overview and Release Date

  • 6

    Chapter 5. Sewn Tutu With Fabric Waistband and Lace Trims. Advanced level.

    • Brief Overview and Release Date

    • Calculating length of the waistband. Part One.

    • Cutting out the waistband of your tutu

    • Pressing waistband in half; adding a French side seam

    • Creating elastic casing

    • Inserting elastic through casing and closing the casing shut

    • Gathering Tulle on to the Waistband with a Basting Stitch

    • Gathering tulle on to the waistband with "Bunch-It-Up" Method. Part One.

    • Trimming your tutu with lace

    • Gathering tulle on to the waistband with "Bunch-It-Up" Method. Part Two.

    • Calculating length of the waistband. Part Two. Tutu design variations based on waistband length.

Course Introduction

Benefits of the Masterclass

Guided by Anna Triant, your budding fashionista will learn the art of stitching and designing their very own tutu. We will start with learning how to sketch a tutu skirt on a mannequin, discover the world of vibrant fabrics and their properties, explore the rules of taking measurements, master basic cutting and sewing techniques (both on a sewing machine and by hand), and learn an alternative way of creating the same style tutu without having to sew it.

Tutus were Anna's very first step on her journey of learning how to sew and design. This is where the magic began! We hope that Anna's passion and enthusiasm about sewing and design will lay the foundation for your little fashionista's love for this amazing craft.

Our masterclass isn't just about sewing; it is about fostering creativity, building confidence, and making memories if you as a parent decide to take part in your child's learning process. Believe us - the pure joy on your child's face as they proudly wear their handmade tutu is absolutely priceless! Secure your child's spot in this whimsical adventure today and let their imagination soar and their stitches sparkle.