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Course curriculum

  • 2

    Downloadable content

    • Size chart

    • Bodice Pattern

    • Modesty Panel Cutting Guide

    • Skirt Cutting Guide - WALKING length

    • Skirt Cutting Guide - POSING Length

    • Lining Cutting Guide - Option 1 - WALKING Length

    • Lining Cutting Guide - Option 1 - POSING Length

    • Lining Cutting Guide - Option 2 - WALKING Length

    • Lining Cutting Guide - Option 1 - POSING Length

  • 3

    Zoom Lesson 1. Overview of Supporting and Decorative Fabrics

    • Supporting Fabrics: Satin (L'Amour/Peau De Soie) and Charmeuse

    • Supporting Fabrics: Silks

    • Supporting Fabrics: Stretch Satin

    • Supporting Fabrics: Taffetas

    • Jacquard / Brocade

    • Decorative Fabrics: Guipure and Sequin Lace

    • Decorative Fabrics: Corded Hand-beaded Lace

    • Decorative Fabrics: Machine beaded lace vs hand-beaded lace

    • Decorative Fabrics: Tips on Working With Embellished Laces

    • Decorative Fabrics: Eyelash Lace

    • Decorative Fabrics: Glitter Lace

    • Sourcing your supplies

  • 4

    Homework assignment

    • Homework assignment details

  • 5

    BONUS LESSON: Grading your pattern to a larger size using Slash-and-Spread method

    • Introduction

    • Step 1 - tracing

    • Adding horizontal and vertical slash lines

    • Front bodice grading, part 1

    • Front bodice grading - part 2

    • Slashing back bodice, spreading vertically

    • Spreading back pattern horizontally

    • Evening out the back pattern piece

    • Adjusting the width of the waist

    • Modesty panel width; length of elastics

    • Final note

  • 6

    Creating a custom-fit pattern based on measurements. Burt's pattern adjustments.

    • Selecting the right size of the starting pattern

    • Adding slash lines; grading bodice front

    • Adjusting bodice back

    • Modesty panel width

  • 7

    Brief walk-through adjusting size 4-5 to custom measurements (Burt)

    • Adjusting size 4-5, part 1

    • Adjusting size 4-5 pattern, part 2

  • 8

    Pattern adjustment recommendations for Hali

    • Enlarging the pattern to size 16. Part 1.

    • Enlarging bodice to size 16. Part 2.

  • 9

    Pattern adjustment recommendations for Anne

    • Adjusting size 4-5, part 1

    • Pattern adjustments, part 2

  • 10

    Zoom Lesson 2. Cutting pattern pieces + sewing the bodice

    • Q & A

    • Establishing grain. Cutting out bodice front.

    • Cutting out bodice back and modesty panels

    • Adding interfacing to bodice pieces

    • Q & A on bodice overlays and sleeves

    • Adding overlay to bodice front and back

    • Cutting sleeves and ruffles

    • Adding ruching to front bodice, making shoulder seams

  • 11

    Bodice construction

    • Adding ruching to front bodice, making shoulder seams

    • Pinning decorative elements to bodice

    • Beading

    • Adding ruffles to neckline and back opening

    • Adding neckline closure: elastic, loop or ties

    • Adding a lined cap sleeve

    • Joining bodice and lining around neckline and back

    • Understitching neckline and back opening seams

    • Adding armhole seams and turning the bodice out

    • Modesty panel - Option 1: wide elastic and sash

    • Modesty panel - Option 2: loops and skinny elastics

    • Adding side seams

    • How to finish bodice without a serger - Bias Binding Tape

  • 12

    Working with horsehair braid. Trimming circles.

    • Part 1.

    • Part 2.

  • 13

    Cutting skirt layers

    • Understanding the skirt cutting guides

    • Cutting layer 1 - circles

    • Various ways of styling your circles

    • Q&A

    • Cutting layer 2

    • Cutting layer 3 - crinoline

    • Cutting layer 3 - lining

  • 14

    Skirt Construction - Brief Rundown

    • Adding layer 1 - circles

    • Adding layer 2 - brief rundown

    • Adding lining + crinoline - a brief rundown

    • Q & A

  • 15

    Skirt Construction - In Depth Demonstration

    • Adding ruffles to circles

    • Hemming lining cut in a half-circle

    • Adding circles to bodice

    • Gathering layer 2 on to the bodice

    • Gathering crinoline on to the lining

    • Adding lining to bodice

    • Finishing touches

  • 16

    Sourcing supplies

    • Sourcing supplies online

    • Q&A from Day 4

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